green for your home

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How green can you go? A tribute to the surrounding landscape, true, but this manicured ‘green’ house exterior also makes a clever statement on our newfound obsession with sustainable living and contextual design for residential architecture.

green house grass exterior

Designed as a vacation home on an Austrian hillside by GRID Architekten, the angles, windows and door openings are all quite modern and abstract. While the artificial grass cladding may seem like an attempt at camouflage upon first glance it is just as much food for aesthetic thought – this forest-colored facade does nothing to truly blend the building into its rural farmstead environment, except in one direction where tall dark trees stand in the distant background.

green house home

Inside, the variegated plywood flooring adds an additional layer of natural texture but the simple modern appliances and white-painted walls make it a modest modern living space as much as an ode to the mowed grass of ‘nature’ surrounding the structure. So if you truly want ‘green’ for your home, well, this is one (very literal) way to go about it.