bench with growing grass

Wouldn’t waiting for a bus or taking a jogging break be more pleasant if you had a soft bed of grass to pet in the meantime? The Saturnia Bench from designer Phillippe Nigro features a central strip of grass and a number of protruding geometrical shapes.

saturnia bench

The irregularly-placed shapes give passers-by a place to sit, while the grass in the middle does double duty. It brings a bit of nature to an otherwise nature-starved zone, and it provides stress relief for people who run their fingers over the soft blades while they wait.

grass-filled bench

Using concrete and grass together may seem like an odd choice – particularly for an object that is meant to reside in the “concrete jungle.” However, the industrial look of the concrete along with the softer element of growing plants brings a sense of serenity to the bench. It makes for an inviting place to take a break and enjoy a mini-escape into nature.