Grand Canyon Table

Some designs start with practical realities, others with artistic inspiration, but some mix the two from start to finish, like this hybrid glass-and-wood Grand Canyon Table. Amit Apel introduces a river of glazing sandwiched between wooden panels that is neither devoid of use nor specific to any particular purpose.

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Grand Canyon Table detail
Grand Canyon Table color background

The result is a visual highlight as well as a place one could imagine would evolve a specific meaning or usage over time – perhaps that is where you put a piece of sculpture, or the book you are currently reading, versus the general-purpose rest of the surface area.

About Amit Apel

“As a gifted fifth-generation exterior and interior designer, Amit Apel arrived on the sunny shores of Southern California in 1999 after having been raised in Africa, Israel and throughout Europe. Upon his arrival, Amit purchased a modest Honda Magnum motorcycle to travel across the USA for three months. After his adventurous, cross-country tour and with little means, he opened a humble, 100 sq. ft. art studio within a locksmith shop on the beaches of Malibu, California and instantly became a local, buzz-worthy artist.”

Grand Canyon Table top angle

“Amit’s acrylic and oil paintings that were showcased in this very small shop quickly catapulted into high demand by local, celebrity clients who still treasure his paintings and collect his growing body of art design works ranging from paintings, sculptures, jewelry, apparel and home and outdoor décor and furnishings. With his savvy entrepreneurial determination inspired by his passionate drive to design and produce as a way of life, Amit founded Amit Apel Design, Inc.® in 2000.”

“This boutique, custom design firm now based in Malibu, California has a well-established, stellar reputation that has been built over the years on a vast array of award-winning commercial and residential and interior designs that now span across Europe, Asia, South America as well as across the US.”