graffiti chair design

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Street graffiti has always been at the heart of conceptual controversy, alternatively praised as pure urban artistic expression and condemned as property-destroying vandalism. One way to test the aesthetic potential of graffiti forms, styles and and symbols is to take it off the streets and try applying it to an entirely different design discipline – such as the craft of creating contemporary furniture.

graffiti mirror design

The gold might create associations too strong for some critics to stomach, but there is something dynamic about the endless curves and twists of this graffiti-style mirror, the nearly-but-not-quite-there symmetry of the frame and the almost-baroque decor it recalls. Maybe, though, it was worth a try – at least as a contrasting deviation from the simple blacks, whites and clear glass of the other pieces in this furniture set by designer Luis Alicandu.

graffiti coffee table design

graffiti mini table design

Likewise, a graffiti-inspired coffee table seems somehow appropriate as an eye-catching experimental centerpiece to a room. Still, while these are all worthy design attempts to infuse furniture with graffiti styles, perhaps this final night stand idea goes a bit too far – adding bends to the already-lively, curve-filled metal form may be simply too much for the otherwise modern-influenced endeavors and the minimalist interior design surroundings.