gazel hanger

Hanging clothes is a rather benign activity, but when you’re trying to shove a too-big hanger through the small neck of a shirt it can get pretty frustrating. The Gazelle Hanger was designed by Irish design studio Gazel; initially its purpose was to make laundry easier for people with arthritis.

redesigned clothes hanger gazel

The hanger’s handle is easy to grip from a number of angles, even with arthritic hands. When it isn’t in use, it tilts slightly to the side in the closet. This can be a huge benefit when you’re searching through a full closet to find an empty hanger.

gazel non-stretching hanger

But the real beauty of the Gazelle hanger is that it can be inserted into the narrowest of shirt necks without stretching the garments. Slide the shirt up the long curved part of the hanger until the other side simply slides in. No stretching, no pulling. Even fully-buttoned shirts can be hung on the Gazelle without first unbuttoning them.

The brilliant design is a candidate for the James Dyson Award. Besides being exceptionally functional, its form is as graceful as the animal it was named after. The plastic is strong enough to hold multiple garments and can be made from recycled materials. The Gazelle might be the product that turns the clothes hanger from a disposable item into a home object that you hold onto for as long as you might hold onto a lovely lamp or any other beautifully-designed item.