London designers House of Hackney have designed this fantastically whimsical wallpaper that fades out at the bottom edge just like an antique photograph. The traditional navy-blue rose pattern starts out strong and solid, but as it moves down toward the floor the flowers give way to a gradient that fades to black.

Just like the vignetted edges of an aged photo, the wallpaper pattern comes to a quirky end near its edge. The pattern’s name is Dalston Rose, and it calls to mind the dignified traditional wedgewood china patterns so coveted by new brides.

The Dalston Rose pattern is applied to textiles as well, lending a sophisticated yet playful feel to bedspreads, curtains and perhaps even clothing.

To achieve the fading-photograph effect, the wallpaper comes in two parts. One features the standard floral pattern while the other begins with the plain pattern and gradually fades to black.

Although all of the photos from House of Hackney feature the ombre effect at the bottom only, there is nothing to stop buyers from applying the fading on the top of the wall as well. That is provided, of course, that you could get the patterns to match up perfectly as a less-than-perfect match would ruin the seamless fading effect.