This very unique set of chopsticks proves that things are not always as they seem. Designed by Japanese design studio in collaboration with traditional chopstick maker Hashikura Matsukan, the Rassen chopsticks begin as a whole and become two sides of a pair.

spiral attaching chopsticks

Chopsticks come in pairs, as everyone knows, but not the Rassen. They come as a single unit which looks just like a single rounded chopstick. Upon closer inspection, it becomes obvious that there are actually two chopsticks wound up and held together by the spirals at their tops.

nendo chopsticks

Give a little twist and the two chopsticks separate. Each chopstick now has one rounded side and one flat side along with a pretty spiral at the top. They look strangely graceful for a pair of eating implements.

two in one chopsticks

The lovely chopsticks were produced with a combination of traditional handcrafting skills and modern CNC milling. The blend of traditional and modern carries over to their appearance, with traditional materials complementing the elegant modern design.