peg lamp

The Peg Lamp from Gagan Singh of Gagan Design is the very definition of minimalism. The lamp consists of a T-shaped piece of wood, a peg for balance, and a cord. The minimalist design is a perfectly simple interpretation of the classic desk lamp.

peg lamp kit

The lamp is hand-crafted from wood and finished by hand with walnut oil to bring out the natural beauty of the wood. Each lamp is made to order and customizable with your choice of peg and cord color.

minimalist wooden lamp design

When the lamp is placed on a desk or table, the peg holds it at the perfect angle to illuminate your space. The embedded LEDs give off a light that enhances the warm quality of the wood.

how the lamp stands

A simple flip switch at the lamp’s base turns it off and on, and is the only adornment other than the brightly colored peg and cord. The beautifully simple lamp is available from the designer at his Etsy shop.

Here’s the designer’s description of the project:

“Handcrafted Modern & Minimal Desk Lamp:┬áThe Peg Lamp is Award Winning smart and simple desk lamp that sits at an angle with the help of its red pegged stand. The thin wooden frame houses LEDs, which put off warm, diffuse light with great energy efficiency. Raw wood is beautifully complemented with red fabric cord with a matching red peg stand. Each lamp is handcrafted and rubbed with multiple coats of 100% pure walnut oil to bring the natural beauty of the wood grain. The thin, angular design pairs form and function for a finished product that is stunningly minimal and modern.”

lamp on a table

“The Peg Lamp won the prestigious A’Design Award for Lighting Product Design in Italy and is featured in leading design magazines and blogs around the world.If you love modern and unique, this is a fine statement of it.”