living room floor ceramic wood tiles

The look of aged wood in a home – whether it’s on the floors or walls – can give a kind of sophisticated rustic personality to the space. But, as anyone with hardwood floors knows, taking care of wood is hard work. Italian manufacturer Flaviker has a brilliant line of ceramic tiles that look just like real wood.

wood like ceramic tiles dakota

wood tiled kitchen

The Dakota line is meant to look like aged alder wood. The floor planks are remarkably realistic, even featuring wormwood holes, knots, and scratches. The difference is that the Dakota planks are smooth, easier to clean, and won’t suffer nearly as much as real wood when you decide to drag the sofa from one end of the living room to the other.

wood bathroom

sink backsplash

Flaviker’s tiles also allow a natural wood look in places that real wood simply couldn’t go. The tiles are waterproof so they can line a shower or act as a sink backsplash without warping and rotting.

bathtub backsplash

dakota wood look ceramic tiles

Until you get up very close to the tiles, it is nearly impossible to tell that they aren’t real wood. They are realistic enough to look charmingly rustic, but they are fuss-free and easy to maintain – a quality that most homeowners would take over real wood any day.