If you played with LEGO bricks as a kid, those transparent window pieces were either a huge pain or worth their weight in gold. They were rare, but there wasn’t a whole lot you could do with them. Designer Tobias Tøstesen figured out what to do with them: build a ridiculously massive LEGO chandelier.

Tøstesen used 7,000 of the clear bricks to create his unusual light piece for Milan Design Week. The three layers of window pieces are separated – and held together – by circular metal frames.

When lit from within by an omnidirectional LED, the fixture gives off an amazing, glittering kind of effect. The plastic surfaces refract light beautifully, making a the chandelier into a kind of elegant disco ball.

The enormous sculpture/light fixture would stand well on its own as a thing of beauty, but when hung up and lit it is complex and wonderful and makes us want to stand inside of it to study every last little plastic weld.