Golden Goose 1

Chances are, you’ve probably never tasted an in-shell scrambled egg. This culinary delicacy is rare simply because it’s kind of a pain to shake up an egg enough to thoroughly mix the white and yolk without cracking the shell. A new, low-tech, hand-powered kitchen gadget called the Golden Goose aims to make the process much easier.

Golden Goose 3

Golden Goose 2

The simple device consists of a protective case that goes around the egg, and two handles attached by twisted string. Alternating the egg back and forth mixes up the egg by centrifugal force, all while keeping the delicate shell protected.

Golden Goose 4

Golden Goose 5

The result can be hard-boiled, soft-boiled, deviled, fried, pickled or simply ‘scrambled’ like normal, adding an unusual twist to meals like egg salad. The Golden Goose is made of lightweight and recyclable materials, and the egg cradle is dishwasher-safe.

Golden Goose 6

While the process is possible using no more than a t-shirt and some rubber bands, the Golden Goose provides a little more control. The designers are currently raising production funds on Kickstarter.