Wooden light bulb Ryosuke Fukusada grain

Ever place a flashlight behind your hand and watch with wonder as the light makes its way through – more in thinner areas, none where bones would be? Like the human body, a tree may look solid but is less dense than many truly-opaque materials, leading to ideas like this carved-out wooden light bulb.

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Wooden light bulb Ryosuke Fukusada

While this first model may not be terribly bright, it could be great for mood lighting, the grain standing out sharply against the brighter lines in between.

Wooden light bulb Ryosuke Fukusada glowing

The wood was chipped out by hand before putting in an LED. While this is just a handmade prototype from Ryosuke Fukusada, the potential for mass-production seems clear – or at least, semi-transparent.

More from the designer

“‘Modern design that can only be achieved with traditional craftsmanship’ is the concept of this lighting.
By wrapping an LED light bulb that emits little heat in extremely thin wood, it gives the impression that a light bulb made of wood is emitting light. The socket part and frame part are made of aluminum material that gives a modern impression while making the wood stand out. Indirect lighting with a new charm that makes use of woodworking potter’s wheel technology in its simplicity. This project was created for the Kyoto Renaissance Design Competition.”

Wooden light bulb Ryosuke Fukusada pendant

About Ryosuke Fukusada

“Born in Osaka in 1979. After graduating from Kanazawa College of Art, she worked at Sharp Corporation and completed the Milan Domus Academy (interior design course) in 2008. Since the same year, she has gained experience in the studio of Milan-based designer Patricia Urquiola, and she has been involved in projects such as furniture, lighting and kitchenware with famous Italian manufacturers. After returning to Japan in 2012, she established FUKUSADA STUDIO in Kyoto and has a track record of projects with domestic companies as well as Italian and Danish companies. She has worked on a wide range of designs such as furniture, interior products, and household goods, and those products have won many international design awards.”