glitch rugs 8

Please be patient, the image of a traditional Azerbaijani rug pattern is still loading beneath your feet. The often centuries-old conventional motifs from an ancient center of carpet weaving stretch, pixelate and otherwise glitch out in unexpected ways in a tactile series by artist Faig Ahmed, enhancing practical textiles with unexpected modern details inspired by the advent of computer technology.

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Some look like they’ve been run through a few filters and tools in Photoshop, their shapes skewed and distorted. Some look like corrupted files, only partially recognizable. Geometric patterns lift off the surface and become their own three-dimensional forms. Others are marked by graffiti, or appear to be melting.

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“I explore ancient traditions, cults and cultures, I make my own research and as I communicate with it, I create art,” says Ahmed. “My carpets, installations and embroideries are the result of this interplay. It is fascinating to observe the process of such an easy transformation of such ancient and stable objects.”