glass loft in sweden kitchen

A glass floor above the foyer of this stunning loft in Stockholm visually connects two stories and lets natural light stream through both spaces, ensuring that the master bedroom in the attic still feels open to the rest of the home. The result is very high end modern Scandinavian, with a luxe look.

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glass loft in sweden ceiling

Design firm Tradition painted the walls and ceilings white to enhance that sense of openness, accenting the interiors with warm wood flooring and stainless steel details. The result is unusually reflective even without the use of mirrors, sending light bouncing off virtually every surface for a clean and cheerful effect.

glass loft in sweden upstairs
glass loft in sweden looking down

The ground floor of the 1,260-square-foot loft on scenic Norrbackagatan Street houses the kitchen, dining room, bathroom, home office and second bedroom, while the upstairs is a suite in which the furniture situated on the glass floor seems to float.

The transitional glass wall between the master bedroom and this space helps to tie the theme together, but if you’re afraid of heights, it might also function as a psychological barrier. Some people might find it hard to relax on a couch that’s sitting directly on glass, gazing down at the room below.

glass loft in sweden
glass loft in sweden counter

The glass wall within the A-frame of the attic also sections off the bedroom to soundproof the space without closing it off from the lounge area just outside, which enjoys views of the kitchen and dining area.

Maintaining a single color palette and bringing rustic reclaimed wood into other areas of the home, like the ceiling beams in the bathroom and the kitchen countertops, helps create a harmonious feel throughout the space. Overall, this home feels bright, modern, airy and slightly adventurous with a dash of voyeurism to make it unique. Would you enjoy sitting on the glass floor above, or would it make you feel squeamish?