The Rubik’s Cube has been an instantly-recognizable and well-loved icon since its debut more than 30 years ago. But as much as we love them, most of us can’t claim to have ever solved the puzzle. This DIY chest of drawers not only lets you live out your goal of finally solving the Rubik’s Cube; it gives you a place to stash your sweaters, too.

Instructables user Makendo built this remarkable piece of storage furniture for his son, using lazy susans to make the individual sections swivel around.

Because there is only one rotation axis, the cube would not be “solvable” like a real Rubik’s Cube. So Makendo got creative and attached the colored tiles to the outside using rare earth magnets, making them removable and repositionable.

Getting all of the colors to correspond on each side isn’t the only challenge in this interesting bit of design, however. You also have to search for the drawer openings as there are no handles, and each one locks from a different hidden position.