Ghost Chair gentleman

Just a few millimeters thick, each of these translucent seats is the simple result of draping and drying specialized sheets of polyester over a plastic mold, which in turn was cast from the shape of a normal living room chair.

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Valentina Gonzalez Wolhers makes both the original plastic shapes and the final furniture pieces, each of which is different from the next. Every act of casting a new form has different results, and on top of that (literally) each draped sheet takes on slightly different folds and curves.

Ghost Chair lady

Perhaps more interesting than the strange shapes themselves are the curious ways in which the curved surfaces distort light and proportion behind them, much like a fun-house mirror or fish-eye lens.

And of course there is no limit to the number of iterations each one could generate – new layers would allow additional shape distortions and the opportunity to use alternate colors and materials along the way.

Ghost chair clear

“The Ghost of a Chair is handmade from a single 4mm transparent polyester sheet. Each sculptural free-form chair is unique and created using a combination of high- end technology and craft. Each piece is a one-off.
The unique translucent effect creates the illusion of the chair disappearing beneath a hidden sheet.”

The chair comes in “Lady Ghost” and “Gentleman Ghost” shapes, the latter with armrests and the former without.

Ghost Chair detail

About the designer:

“WOH&CO is a London based design practice created by independent Mexican designer Valentina Gonzalez Wohlers in April 2009, specializing in bespoke furniture and product design. Trained as an industrial designer and with 15 years of consistent work experience designing and making furniture between Europe and America.”

“The concepts behind WOH&CO are functionality, aesthetics and surprise factor. Valentinaʼs design fuses conceptual thinking, artistic approach and usability. What is unique about her work is its originality, boldness, narrative and outstanding quality.”