One of the smallest items on Kickstarter has blown by its fundraising target. With pledges of $4,580,644 so far and a goal of only $15,000, you can do the math.

So, what’s causing this feeding frenzy? It’s a small gizmo called the Fidget Cube. And yes, it’s a cube you fidget with. Each side of the cube has different distractions for the fidgety among us. Some are audible clickers, others are silent “clickers” that won’t drive co-workers loopy.

fidget cube

Some people are constantly tapping their feet or clicking a pen on and off. It might be nerves; it might be ADD; it might be boredom in class or a dull business meeting. Regardless of the cause, it can be comforting having a desk toy to channel all of that surplus energy into.

The founders of the appropriately named Antsy Labs and inventors of the Fidget Cube are two brothers, Matthew and Mark McLachlan. While they point on their website to articles saying that fidgeting can help you focus, they don’t claim super powers for their device. “Fidget Cube is a fun, unique way to customize your fidgeting,” they say instead, though they do add that playing with it helps them keep their mind on-task. Considering the timeline from first coming up with the Fidget Cube idea through developing and fine-tuning lots of prototypes, building its crowdsourcing campaign and finally working their invention into production, we guess it does work for them.

fidget cube

As part of their quest to alter perceptions of fidgeting, — changing it from being seen as a distracted, unprofessional behavior and ushering it gently into the realm of creative thinking — they have chosen to design the Fidget Cube so that it will look right at home on anyone’s desk.

It’s available in eight coolly named color schemes: Dice, Graphite, Midnight, Aqua, Sunset, Berry, Fresh and Retro.

fidget cube

And of course, each side of the cube is different, designed with a specific function in mind. One side has an oval hollow impressed into it, which is based on the traditional worry stone. Another side has a ball-bearing to spin and little gears to click around with your thumb.

If you’re a clicker by nature (it’s okay to admit it, you’re with friends here), you’ll find plenty to work with on the side that has three buttons that click and two that are silent (to save the ears of the people sitting next to you).

There’s also a very satisfying mini joystick that glides over the surface of the cube. (We think even non-fidgeters are thinking of taking up the habit by now — sounds like a lot of fun, huh?!) And of course, there’s also a traditional switch to flick back and forth with your thumb.

fidget cube

With the huge success of its Kickstarter campaign, the Fidget Cube is destined to move into production soon and find its way onto desks and into pockets everywhere. We can’t wait! No, really, we’re getting all twitchy here and need something to occupy us until we get our Fidget Cubes…