Cottagecore, emotional decor, cluttercore — the list goes on and on. If there’s one thing you can count on in the design world, it’s that home decor has its own revolving door of shifting, ever-changing trends. Now, another aesthetic seems to be settling into the minds and homes of those in the know. Meet “grandmillennial.”

On the surface, this term (coined by House Beautiful) may seem like an oxymoron — the “jumbo shrimp” of the design world, if you will. But get ready to see it everywhere for the foreseeable future. But what exactly is it?

Think Grandma chic; nostalgic, traditional trends like chintz; and bold Victorian patterns and furniture that are cozily eclectic and fabulously floral — a revolt against the dull minimalism that’s dominated the interiors space in the last few years.

With grandmillennial decor, vintage pieces are so much more than furniture — they’re storytellers. Much like Gen X-ers finding their nostalgia in the midcentury modern design of their forebears, here, millennials are finding inspiration in more Victorian, neoclassical styles that are evergreen and easily attainable.

Want to try out the trend for yourself? Here are some must-have pieces that would make any granny proud:

Gotta Have that Chintz

Chintz is definitely the it-pattern when it comes to grandmillennial style, and the more the better. Think cozily contrasting patterns and colors that highlight that granny chic vibe.

Schumacher Betty Chintz Pillow Cover From Etsy — $30.00

Amber Lewis for Anthropologie Floral Lamp Shade — $128.00

Need that Needlepoint

Do your grandma proud with some vintage needlepoint vibes that are crafty and oh-so chic — a stylish staple for any aspiring grandmillennial.

Vintage Framed Needlepoint Wall Hanging from Etsy — $40.00

Wayfair Needlepoint Wall Hanging — $103.99

Beginner Embroidery Kits (Set of 3) from Amazon — $15.99

Floral Faves

You’ve got the chintz nailed. Now mix and match with some floral patterns for some truly cozy feels.

Tafton Floral Club Accent Chair From Target — $290.54

Frida Floral Navy Rug From Ruggable — $89.99

This stuff is just the beginning when it comes to grandmillennialism. So be sure to scour those flea markets and secondhand stores, trawl sites like Etsy, and find the best looks for transforming your space into one that nana would be proud of — doilies definitely required.