Have you ever dreamed of being in a rock band, touring and playing music for thousands of adoring fans? It’s easy to get caught up in the fantasy of it all. After all, who doesn’t want to see the world and be idolized? Well, those who work in the music industry know that it isn’t as glamorous as you might think. Remember, touring doesn’t just mean that you get to travel to far off locations; it also means that your instruments, lighting equipment, monitors, etc. all have to get to those locations too, withstanding the abuse of baggage handlers and the moisture of certain weather conditions.

If you’re in the event production field, you know that one size does not fit all when it comes to protecting valuable instruments and equipment. In fact, customization really is key here for the ultimate peace of mind. That’s why the guys at Get Off My Case of Orange County, California are the answer to your problems.

GOMC guitar vault

Eight space guitar vault. Holds two bass guitars. Gold interior w/ lights & power

GOMC brief case tech box

Brief case guitar tech boxes

Get Off My Case (GOMC) makes custom road cases for touring musicians, so roadies, tour managers, musicians — or whoever — can call up the GOMC crew and chat about whatever project they need completed to come up with the best solution. Of course, you still have to provide the dimensions for your product — they can’t read minds, after all — but otherwise, these guys have the experience and knowledge to come up the perfect customized case for you.

“One of the great things we do here is design and draw the cases before we ever start building,” said Ed Udhus, co-founder of Get Off My Case. “We get to show the customer what it will look like before we build it.”

Mobile video editing cart

Mobile Video Editing Cart / Film and TV industry

Portable vanity

Portable Vanity / Dressing Room Case

Of course, GOMC doesn’t just make custom road cases for touring musicians and their crews. Rather, anybody with unique case or mobile unit project needs can call the shop and discuss possibilities.

“We love designing things that are a bit complicated. People come in with everything from fat-burning lasers that cost $300k to prototype 80-inch TV monitors and communication systems,” said Udhus. “Our biggest customers are in the event production field, but we’ve worked with the medical, military and aerospace industries as well. The coolest thing about making cases is all of the great people we get to meet in so many different fields and getting to make cases to protect the amazing products they use and create.”

Portable bar

GoGo Mobile Bar Case

So, why the interest in building customized road cases? Well, the answer is simple really:

“We were all musicians. I started the company with Kevin Baldes and Nathan Walker, from the band Lit, and I play in a back called zebrahead,” said Udhus. “We needed cases for our own personal stuff, and we decided to make them rather than buy them.”

Brett Scallions

Brett Scallions, Fuel

Chuck Ragan

Chuck Ragan, Hot Water Music

Ian Fowles

Ian Fowles, Aquabats

The company has worked with artists of all kind, such as Sublime, Hot Water Music, NOFX, Lil’ Wayne, Fuel, the Aquabats and more. Kind of a cool business to be in if you ask us!

Think you’ve got a project that might stump them? Or maybe you’ve got an idea that will inspire some creative designing? They’re only a call away!