Anyone who’s a fan of Japanese filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki knows that his creations are immersive, imaginative, and immensely detailed. Heavily reliant on kawaii (the Japanese concept of cuteness), the films of Studio Ghibli are surreal, evoking surroundings that are eerily familiar despite their strangeness.

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So what would happen if some of the most iconic rooms from Studio Ghibli films were reimagined as actual, real-life living spaces?

HouseholdQuotes recently took interior design imaginings to the next level with their renderings of popular Studio Ghibli settings: the perfect inspo for anyone looking to reimagine their living space with an eye for the dreamy and distinctive aesthetic Miyazaki is known for.

Arrietty’s Bedroom (The Secret World of Arrietty)

HouseholdQuotes.UK recreation of Arrietty’s Bedroom from the Studio Ghibli film

This eclectic mix of vintage furniture and lush plant life makes for the perfect recreation of Arrietty’s bedroom. Magical, homey, and oh so comfy, this room would be an ideal haven for anyone looking to redesign a cozy space like a bedroom or study.

Colorful Vintage Quilt available on Etsy

Get inspired: This colorful vintage quilt from Etsy would be the perfect centerpiece for your Arrietty-inspired room.

Zeniba’s Kitchen (Spirited Away)

HouseholdQuotes.UK recreation of Zeniba's Kitchen from the Studio Ghibli film

A Miyazaki classic, Spirited Away is a fantastical tale of a young girl who enters the world of kami (Shinto Japanese spirits). Zeniba is a central character in the film. Represented as a sweet little granny, her kitchen is the perfect representation of a warm, inviting, and eclectic cookspace. HouseholdQuotes depicts this room perfectly by focusing on its charming mix of rustic touches and warm intimacy.

Mini Pendant Light available at the Home Depot.

Get inspired: This hanging mini pendant light from Home Depot adds character to any kitchen, and its colors perfectly echo the unique character of Zeniba’s kitchen.

Howl’s Bathroom (Howl’s Moving Castle)

HouseholdQuotes.UK recreation of Howl's Bathroom from the Studio Ghibli film

Howl’s Moving Castle is a wonderland of surreal architecture and distinctively imaginative design inspiration. In the film, Howl’s bathroom is a vision of vintage fixtures and explosive color, and the design by HouseholdQuotes echoes that steampunk-like aesthetic perfectly.

Antique copper faucet available on Wayfair.

Get inspired: This antique copper faucet would add a hint of Howl’s steampunk-y look to any bathroom.

Anna’s Bedroom (When Marnie Was There)

HouseholdQuotes.UK recreation of Anna’s Bedroom from the Studio Ghibli film

Anna visits the home of her relatives but finds more than she bargained for when she meets a mysterious neighbor. The light, breezy guest room where she stays is accented with vibrant hues of green and is evocative of the iconic lo-fi study girl. By combining an open canopy bed with warm wood and tones of muted green, this HouseHoldQuotes interpretation captures the dreamy nostalgia of Miyazaki’s vision perfectly.

Cilantro-colored throw pillow available at Crate & Barrel

Get inspired: This cilantro-colored throw pillow from Crate & Barrel adds a forest-y pop of color to any room in the house.

The Cat Bureau (The Cat Returns)

HouseholdQuotes.UK recreation of The Cat Bureau from the Studio Ghibli film

When Haru faces the prospect of an arranged marriage with a cat she, must visit The Cat Bureau for help. The furniture in this scene is cat-sized and cozy, with a lovely bureau and symmetrical design that creates an office that’s both ordered and inviting.

Victorian Bookcase available on Etsy.

Get inspired: This Victorian bookcase is the perfect example of classic architecture that’s elevated through little details like claw feet. Made of mahogany, this wooden shelf would look perfectly at home in any sitting room.

Get inspired with these Studio Ghibli-influenced rooms that perfectly reflect the fantastical and imaginative world of Hayao Miyazaki. From distinctive details to surreal touches, all five designs will make you want to add a bit of magic to your everyday surroundings.