nendo lime sleeve

Have you ever squeezed a lemon or lime garnish into your cocktail only to end up with a hand that smells like citrus all night, no matter how much you wash it? Or how about the notorious juice-in-the-eye problem? Design firm Nendo worked with gin makers extraordinaire Bombay Sapphire to come up with an eye-catching solution.

protective cocktail garnish sleeve

The lime pocket is a little blue silicon sleeve that neatly holds that lime or lemon wedge. A notch in its side allows it to sit comfortably on the edge of the glass. When adding the fruit to your drink, your hands stay clean and dry and the juice makes it to its target.

bombay sapphire lime sleeve

This seems to be a bit of fun design on Bombay Sapphire’s behalf, not something that we’ll be seeing in every martini bar in the future. Each of the sleeves bears the Bombay Sapphire logo, making them an adorably odd marketing tool that will definitely be pocketed by every barfly lucky enough to be served one.