It’s easy to overlook just how often we check our phones throughout the day. The average person unlocks their phone around 110 times a day, and heavy users can check more than 900 times a day. This phone overload can kill your ability to relax and make you feel stressed even when there’s nothing to stress about.



The Offline Chair from designer Agata Nowak is designed to give you a few moments of sweet solitude away from the ringing, pinging, notifications, and alerts. The chair is a kind of phone-free cocoon that wraps you in comfort while blocking wi-fi and cellular signals when you put your phone in the “offline pocket.”



A removable hood allows you to escape even further by adding a hood to your personal cocoon. The soft upholstery is soothing to the senses, letting you sink into the chair and be alone with your thoughts for a while. That thought might be scary to those of us who haven’t spent time without our phones in years, but trust us – a little phone-free time is good for the soul.