The allusion is apparent from top to bottom – this seat folds, flips and bends more like an outfit than a piece of furniture. Hence its simple but apt title: Coat.

A solid base is wrapped with material, in turn pinned via cuff-link-like shiny silver studs on either side. The neck flips up or folds down, just like a collar on a button-down or suit.

Swedish designer Fredrik Färg design it – Materia produced it. The former is well known for his integration of textiles with furniture objects, with allusions to implicitly-gendered formal wear throughout.

“The Coat easy chair has its own strong personality while at the same time exuding innovation, creativity and elegance. Inspired by gentlemen’s fashion, the back of the armchair is shaped like a collar, which can be folded to encompass the body and provide shielding. The stand is in moulded veneer, with a seat and back in moulded polyester felt. The construction is bound together using large cufflinks made of die-cast matt chrome zink.”