roller coaster house marketing

If you’ve ever gone house-hunting, you know how exhausting and sometimes boring it can be. Dutch brokerage firm Verter Met Wonen decided to make the experience far more fun by installing a mini roller coaster to take prospective buyers on their house tour.

The ride starts out with the buyer climbing into a tiny metal car and being sent down through the lowest level of the house. The car apparently moves faster than the riders expected, because nearly all of them seemed a bit scared at one point or another during the ride. After a steep climb up the basement stairs, the roller coaster roams through the rooms of the house as an audio tour informs them of each room’s features.

roller coaster house

Another steep climb leads up to the top floor, then out through the upstairs balcony and down a quick and twisty descent. This has to be hands-down the most fun way to explore a potential new home – though we would still recommend doing a walk-through to see everything you might have missed on your wild ride. And as disappointing as it may be, the roller coaster is not a permanent feature of the home.