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Simply put, butter is amazing. It’s the star of so many dishes, but simple bread and butter is a timeless treat. The problem is that, if you’re using butter fresh from the fridge, you’re likely to end up with a ripped-up piece of bread, a wasted pat of butter, and a rumbly tummy still hankering for a hunk of bread and butter.


The ButterUp Knife from Australian company DM Initiatives is a completely brilliant invention that will forever change the way you spread butter. Rather than cutting a big, tough hunk of butter off of the block, the ButterUp lets you grate small amounts off, softening the butter before it even gets to the bread.


The knife features holes along one edge which act as a small grater when dragged across the block of butter. The grated strips of butter are light and airy and easy to spread. Even when you’re spreading it straight onto soft bread, the butter won’t stick or rip the bread. And since you’re able to spread the butter where you want it, you also end up using less.


A wide blade and finger-safe grater surface make the ButterUp far easier to use than a regular butter knife. DM Initiatives started a Kickstarter campaign for their product and raised many times their goal amount, so fear not – someday soon, you’ll be able to make toast and sandwiches and even buttered bread without fear.