Charging Side Table 1

Designed to look as if it’s emerging from the wall, the SOAK charging side table hides a power supply in its abbreviated third leg. A combination of functional furniture and a mobile charging station, the table plugs directly into the wall, with a wireless charging station just under the maple surface.

Charging Side Table 2

Appearing a little off-kilter, the table leans against a wall. The plug height is adjustable to fit virtually any power outlet, the wire contained within the angled leg.

Charging Side Table 3 Charging Side Table 4

The surface offers a place to casually place gadgets while charging them at the same time, minus all of the unsightly cords that distract from the beauty of well-designed furniture.

Charging Side Table 5 Charging Side Table 6

Designer Youmin Vincent Kim says the table changes the perception of gadgets fused with furniture, giving them a simple elegance while also meeting our need to repeatedly charge digital devices throughout the day.