Adnau living roof

Self-contained, portable and prefabricated, this “Living Roof” idea encapsulates an ideal of mobile and modular urban expansion the only way most cities can still go: up.

Each unit can rotate into various functional configurations and can also exist off the grid; they rely on a highly-insulated exterior shells, a series of solar panels and mini-turbines on either end (that both generate power and pump rainwater to waiting collectors).

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Adnau living roof rotation
Adnau living roof atop building
Adnau living roof

Falling somewhere between a UFO and a giant alien football, there is no doubt these portable rooftop pods make a strong visual statement- their additive nature is otherworldly but strangely beautiful.

adnau living roof windows
adnau living roof interiors

“Used as an alternative to hotel rooms or as a temporary residence for multi-city dwellers, the Living Roof project exists as individual suites spread throughout the city. Inside, rather than dispersing activities horizontally, a functional ring vertically combines sleep, lounge and work areas.”

adnau living roof bed
adnau pod
adnau roof functions

“Guests can choose their desired mode and the ring rotates the appropriate module downwards. Luxury, style and ecology are effortlessly provided in the Living Roof. A new urban retreat, a refuge to recover, plan excursions into the city, or simply stare into the stars.”

In numeric order (per the above diagrams) the space(s) include such features as a “seating element, writing desk element, infoscreen/televisioexterior skin with photovoltaic cells, motorized sun shade louvers, wind turbine, generator and battery packs, wardrobe, entry hatch, shower area, water collection and filtration tanks, cooktop, sink [and] toilet compartment.” Project by adNAU.

“adNAU is the Los Angeles & New York based affiliate of design collective NAU (, focused on design & direction for advertising, events and entertainment. From stylish events to the dream worlds that film and visual effects can readily supply, they blur the boundaries between the physical and virtual. Fluidly combining elements of filmic and virtual architecture with narratives to help produce powerful, distinctive branding and experiences.”