minamlist living room furniture idea

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Trees have historic and symbolic significance as providers of shade, security and enclosure in the environment. Wood from trees is perhaps our oldest building material. So what about making a tree the center of an all-new futuristic furniture and interior design concept?

minimal all in one living room

Bucking the idea that ultramodern designs must be sleek, simple and angular, this tree was designed by Shanfan Huang & Huang Zhe to be the interactive electronic heart of this conceptual living space. It houses audio/visual equipment, computer, cell phone and other gadgets at the center of the room.

minimalist interior tree furniture

More than just a functional entertainment hub, however, the tree is also envisioned as place to interact with other family members by leaving messages that light up on the sides via LEDs. In essence, this is more than just a new all-in-one furniture idea – it is a different way of looking at how we live and interact in common spaces, a personal and personable alternative to traditional interior design strategies.