Induction cooking is clearly superior to either electric or gas cooking. The electromagnetic technology offers quicker, more consistent heating with lower operating costs, but for some cooks it just feels weird to cook without the visual cues provided by a physical flame. Samsung is addressing this concern in a novel way with its new induction stove: by projecting virtual flames onto your pots and pans.

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LED technology is built into Samsung’s Chef Collection Induction Slide-In Range. When you turn on a burner, a ring of blue LED “flames” appears around the base of your pot or pan. The size of the flames indicates the level of the heat; as the temperature rises, the flames get brighter.


The oven has similarly futuristic functions; it’s able to “split” into two ovens that cook at two different temperatures without transferring flavor or aroma between the two. Samsung’s induction line is slick, gorgeous, and packed with state of the art technology. But all of that will cost you: the range has a retail price of $3699. But that’s a small price to pay for anyone who would feel completely lost without the sight of blue flames while cooking.

More Features of the Slide-In Induction Stove


A premium design and intuitive controls offer simple, step-by-step instructions for choosing cooking options. Control temperature and time settings, select cooking functions and program your favorite recipes. Only cooking options that are able to be selected illuminate and controls go from left to right, eliminating having to go back and forth.”


A 5.8 cu. ft. single oven splits into two ovens (2.6 cu. ft. and 3.1 cu. ft.) with the Smart Divider. Two temperature controls cook dishes at different temperatures with no noticeable transfer of aroma. Two fans circulate air for faster, more even, and efficient cooking. They distribute heat throughout the oven for faster and more even cooking. Saves up to 30% more time than traditional conventional ovens.”