But will it blend (or work, for that matter)? This design is undoubtedly creative, cool, fun and futuristic, but whether it is a functional all-in-one design or exercise in aesthetic experimentation remains to be seen.

Segmented metal bench-style stools/chairs roll up from the floor, wall surfaces slide to reveal secret cabinets and hidden cooking appliances. LED displays and a dishwasher face sit flush with the wall as well, while adjustable-height eating, cooking and preparing surfaces slide out, up and down as needed.

As part of another interesting Electrolux design competition, Ciprian Frunzeanu thought of a lot of things while working on this project, but there are definitely questions of plumbing and electrical connections to be addressed (not to mention extra wall space to support all of the behind-the-scenes aspects).

One can even change the lighting colors to set the mood, with recessed lights that line the perimeter and apparently are designed to shift between shades of bright neon, disco-flavored colors. As a layout concept or preliminary plan it is convincing, but a lot of technical and structural issues would need to be solved yet before it would work as a real-life kitchen space.