futuristic flooring

Even without the futuristic interior design idea behind them, these graphics are incredibly impressive and could be opened up to all kinds of creative interpretation. One could imagine the patterns being a design response to exterior slopes and topographical trends, the intended ways in which a living room was intended to be used, or even a dynamic computer-generated response to actual usage patterns over time.

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The actual design intent, according to creator Alistair Bramley, is that the graphic patterns generated by people initially moving through these spaces would be used to later generate wave patterns that conform to existing paths. Essentially, it would be a site-specific design installation. Still, one has to wonder if even this goes far enough given the compelling nature of the graphics.

It’s an interactive feature of the sort that we usually associate with futuristic modern art installations like those by Japanese design collective teamlab, rather than everyday interiors that might actually be in someone’s home. The idea of being able to bring such functionality into private spaces is pretty exciting, though one wonders just how far away we are from such things becoming a reality.

integrated flooring

“Dimension – Dimension is a proposal for a flooring system whose graphic pattern is generated from the surrounding space and how people move through it. Video footage of how people moved around the space would be recorded and then processed to create an abstracted pattern which would be printed and assembled in situ to create a site specific design. “

About designer Alistair Bramley:

“An empathic designer that is passionate about finding insight into people’s lives and developing that into Brand experiences that solve business needs and engage the senses. Based in New York City he brings a global perspective (from years spent living and traveling through Europe, Asia and the States) with a personal touch.”