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One of the most expensive dinner tables ever produced is also among the most highly engineered: the Fletcher Capstan will set you back a jaw-dropping $75,000, but for the deep-pocketed, the looks on the faces of guests when they watch it expand might be worth the cash. It starts at a relatively compact 6.5 feet across and grows to 30 feet within seconds thanks to some complex inner workings.

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Made by UK furniture brand Fletcher, the table is based on a design that dates back to 1835. Six wedge-shaped leaves pull back to reveal a star shape that gets larger as the table expands. You simply grab a hold of the edge of a leaf and spin in a circle to open the whole thing up.

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Once it’s fully extended, it fits together so seamlessly you’d never even guess that it started out so much smaller. The built-in extensions eliminate the need for storing extra leaves in a cabinet or closet. Hidden within the base is a rotating and pushing mechanism made of metal.

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Don’t feel like putting forth the effort to expand it manually? With that price tag, it’s probably a good thing that Fletcher also offers the option to automate the process with a remote control.

About the Fletcher Capstan Table

Always looking for a new challenge, David Fletcher began working on his Capstan Table project in 1997.  The original idea for a table of this type was formed in the 19th Century by a man named Robert Jupe, who patented his design in 1835. However, the Jupe table design was slow and laborious to operate, could not store it’s own expansion leaves, and was not truly round in every stage. The concept was wonderful though, and served as the catalyst of inspiration for a continuous process of invention and reinvention, which to date has spanned over 20 years.”

“David’s dedication and perseverance enabled him to achieve a truly unique mechanism and internationally renowned design that would make every collector proud.”