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One of the most expensive dinner tables ever produced is also among the most highly engineered: the Fletcher Capstan will set you back a jaw-dropping $75,000, but for the deep-pocketed, the looks on the faces of guests when they watch it expand might be worth the cash. It starts at a relatively compact 6.5 feet across and grows to 30 feet within seconds thanks to some complex inner workings.

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Made by UK furniture brand Fletcher, the table is based on a design that dates back to 1835. Six wedge-shaped leaves pull back to reveal a star shape that gets larger as the table expands. You simply grab a hold of the edge of a leaf and spin in a circle to open the whole thing up.

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Once it’s fully extended, it fits together so seamlessly you’d never even guess that it started out so much smaller. The built-in extensions eliminate the need for storing extra leaves in a cabinet or closet. Hidden within the base is a rotating and pushing mechanism made of metal.

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Don’t feel like putting forth the effort to expand it manually? With that price tag, it’s probably a good thing that Fletcher also offers the option to automate the process with a remote control.