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Wood is not what most people expect to see on austere-looking runway models, let alone what looks like a wooden chair. For artist and furniture designer Pablo Reinoso that is part of the point – he adapts the traditional aesthetics of antique chair designs to create creative custom works of wood art and fashion.

furniture sexy fashion show

furniture skirt idea

Seen here is a wooden dress, the chair bottom flipped backward, the back elongated and the central structure forming a kind of skirt around the waist – not comfortable but certainly unique.

furniture wood chair art

Other designs include a series of accessories with a strong emphasis on form over function, with bags abstracted to simple shapes consisting of frames but no way to actually carry objects.

furniture funky fashion designs

While there is a limit to their usefulness, there is something about taking a visual typology and trying to use it in a new context in every way imaginable that does inspire one to rethink the formal language and traditional aesthetics of ordinary objects.