This set of strange furniture objects is designed to fit a peculiar purpose: each part is made to seem like a piece of art, or, more specifically, a one-off artwork with a functional side to it rather than a mass-produced furniture object made ready to order at little notice.

From a wide-legged wooden bench with rubber-loop cushions to a curved-wood chair and fiberglass lounger, each work by Aaron Asedo does a remarkable job of looking as much like a singular sculpture as the start of a furniture line.

Design is in the details: some have degrees of symmetry while others are entirely asymmetrical and some employ traditional construction techniques while others use highly offbeat joinery and innovative building methods.

Part of the success of this strategy lies in the avoidance of sets or series per say – each design is surprisingly different from the last in terms of form, material and overall aesthetic, thus more similar to disjunctive works of art than conjunctive or uniform parts of a whole.