When it comes to furnishing a micro-apartment, most of the solutions you’ll find online involve expensive custom solutions. No doubt, the size of the average urban apartment is driving innovation when it comes to space-saving furniture, and designers are coming up with incredible transforming setups – some of which are even robotically controlled. It would be nice to just press a button and watch your studio apartment rearrange itself so you could entertain guests or do yoga, but for most of us, it’s just not in the cards.

Thankfully, retailers are starting to offer more small space solutions at affordable prices. Amazon just launched a collection of space-saving furniture that’ll help you make the most of your square footage, even if your budget is as small as your space.The pieces in this collection start at just $19, and most are under $500.

Here are six of our favorites:

Sleekform Folding Desk

Let’s be real, most folding tables are just plain ugly – but here’s one you won’t have to cover up with a dated tablecloth. The Sleekform Folding Desk is just the right size for working or dining, and it’s made of 100-percent real fir wood with stylish black metal hairpin-style legs. Best of all, it costs just $199.

Zinus Suzanne Twin Daybed and Trundle Frame Set

So you’d like to invite guests over, but you have no place for them to sleep. Pull-out couches are rarely comfortable, and forcing people to cram in together can be awkward. This $225 daybed sleeps two on their own comfy mattresses, and all you have to do to set it up is pull out the trundle. Tuck a comforter around the top mattress, throw on some pillows, and it functions like a couch in between visits.

Tiptiper Folding Dining Table with Storage Racks

This versatile piece of space-saving furniture offers three functionalities in one: a slim console table when it’s all folded up, a desk when it’s partially opened, and a dining table for up to four people when fully expanded. Two drop leafs pop up in seconds to give you extra surface area, and there’s space underneath for dishes, office supplies, and whatever else you need to tuck away. It comes in three colors, starting at just $122.

Velvet Three-Seat Sofa with Folding Back

If you want to offer a place to crash but aren’t willing to sacrifice style, maybe this cute $395 velvet three-seat sofa will fit the bill. Available in fun shades like pink, peach, mango, light blue, and teal, it’s a far cry from the boring gray folding sofas you’ll find at most stores. The back folds down into a flat surface for sleeping.

Fit Choice 5-in-1 Kitchen Island

Who says you can’t have a kitchen island in a small space? The Fit Choice 5-in-1 kitchen island is just $119, measures 38 inches wide when unfolded, and slides around on casters. Two leaves expand it to its full size, but when it’s folded up, it barely takes up any space at all. It also integrates three baskets and a drawer for extra storage.

Zenithen Hexagon Folding Chair

Folding chairs aren’t exactly known for their comfort, but this hexagon-shaped offering changes all that. Outfitted with padded wide-wale corduroy upholstery and roomily sized, it costs just $87 and comes in four colors.