lego wall finished

Adding a new wall to your home or office interior is never easy, but when you make it into a fun project it can at least be a little less painful. That’s just what the crew at Hamburg, Germany-based design studio NPIRE did with their crazy wall made entirely of Lego bricks.

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lego wall room
lego wall detail

The designers spent nearly a year constructing the wall, which is an impressive nine feet high by ten feet wide. It divides the hallway from the office kitchen, effectively creating a separate room. The before picture, above, shows just how big an impact the LEGO design change had on the space.

lego wall design

As you might expect, a build of this size required a lot of Legos: around 55,000. The firm says that some of the Legos were recycled, but they used some 80 packs of brand-new bricks. They even managed to cleverly work the company logo into the insanely ambitious build.

“At the very beginning there was total dreariness both in the hallway and in our kitchen. When we moved into the office in mid-2008, we initially had a lot of other worries and were actually quite satisfied with the fact that we even had a hallway and a kitchen.”

npire lego wall complete

“Little by little, I felt the desire to create a separation between the kitchen or dining area and the hallway. And then another six months later the time had come, I had the only correct and most obvious thought: We need a Lego wall to be able to hide all the empties and the rubbish behind it.”

“The Lego wall separates the dining area from the hallway, which is why sitting at the dining table in the kitchen is now much more comfortable and customers no longer have to go through the chaos on their way to the toilet or the other half of the office. In addition, the Lego wall is a creative and at the same time functional solution to an existing problem. This kind of problem solving is of course our favorite way as an agency and thus the entire room has now become a great reference for us.”