How do you treat your garbage bin? When it gets full, do you push things down until the bag rips and the sides of the bin are bulging? Do you continue throwing trash in even if the bag loses grip and slips down? These and other rubbish indignities could be solved by designer Jon Liow‘s ingenious Flex Bin.

Made of polycarbonate, the Flex Bin is deceptively simple-looking. It has four flexible bars that extend up from its circular base, rather like a plastic flower.

Thanks to its flexible design, the bin can support any size of liner – so it eliminates the need to aimlessly wander the aisles of the supermarket looking for just the right bags.

The Flex Bin is meant to be used in the kitchen to catch scraps and cooking waste. Because it can expand when it gets too full, a busy cook can keep on working even when the vegetable peels and eggshells reach the very top of the bin.

If the bin happens to get messy in the course of everyday life, it just happens to be washable and easy enough to clean off. Liow has created one prototype of the product, but as of yet there is no information on when or if the Flex Bin will make it into stores.