terri chiao cabin bedroom

Building forts and treehouses has always been a favorite activity for kids, but this Brooklyn loft takes those playful structures to a new, more mature level.

cabin bedroom

treehouse bedroom

Architect Terri Chiao has a two-story loft in Brooklyn: an open and airy living space. The downside to lofts is that there is a lot of openness, but not much opportunity for privacy.

closet and bed

dining area

When Chiao wanted private bedrooms, she didn’t look to standard walls to give her that privacy. She simply built a cabin and a treehouse inside her home. The structures each provide a little privacy without removing the resident entirely from the open areas of the loft.

terri chiao treehouse bedroom

floor plan

Chiao says that her unique apartment lets her feel like she’s living outdoors in a small community rather than sharing a loft. Natural light pours in through the loft’s big windows into the cabin and treehouse’s smaller windows. The modified loft still allows for all of the comforts and living zones of any other home, but the interior structures add a healthy dose of whimsy to the mix.