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Transforming, space-saving furniture designs have become increasingly popular – to the point that they seem to have taken on a style of their own. That look is typically a combination of modern, postmodern and/or ultramodern. This refreshingly rustic-looking hideaway chair-and-desk set is perhaps a new way of rethinking the art of transforming furniture.


In its closed configuration, this furniture set appears as a plain wooden box – some kind of antique, imminently practical place for storing things or on which one can set objects. When opened, there is likewise a kind of functionality that pervades the aesthetic – pieces are the size and shape they are not because of a stylistic affectation but because of functional necessities or simply due to the natural sizes of the sides and top when folded open. Perhaps, too, this model will prove more affordable than some of the drool-inducing by jaw-droppingly expensive transforming furniture ideas.