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Wall stickers and decorative decals have made a comeback – but most stick flat and function-free to surfaces. Like a series of optical illusions come to life, these are more than just forms on the walls … they are also working, interactive furnishings and household fixtures.

The designers at PEGA clearly enjoyed this artistic exploration process. The vintage fold-out gramophone plays real music when a nearly two-dimensional flush panel is pushed below the speaker horn. The retro lamp lights up and casts an actual shadow against the wall. The perfume bottle emits a scent with squeezed, just like its antique predecessor.

While it is fine and fun to toy with and muse about these walls stickers, there is a design lesson in them as well: it does not take much space to create something that serves a purpose. Just imagine if you could do away with all of those objects that clutter your rooms, freeing up space by pushing everything nearly flat against the walls around you.