Modern play space Fiii Fun House hammocks and swings

A series of tiny wooden houses within a larger structure make up a bright, wood-lined modern play space for kids and adults alike in Buenos Aires. Fiii Fun House by Iris Cantante Arquitectos is a cafe offering ‘fun houses’ filled with swings, tents, hammocks and communal tables as well as more conventional cafe seating.

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Modern play space Fiii Fun House swing seats
Modern play space Fiii Fun House adults

Intended to inspire creativity and spontaneity, the design creates cool spaces for kids to hang out without relying on primary colors, plastic or any of the other visuals typically associated with such spaces.

Modern play space Fiii Fun House

Suspended from the ceiling, the simple wooden swings around the coloring table encourage kids to relax and think in a more imaginative way. The nearby hammocks provide a quieter, more private space for reading, napping or daydreaming.

Modern play space Fiii Fun House tent
Modern play space Fiii Fun House exterior

Glassed-in gaps in the gabled roofs of the mini houses let natural light come streaming in from the building’s glazed front wall. The children’s area is fenced off with spaced wooden poles so adults lounging in the adjacent dining area can keep an eye on things.

More from the architects

“Mariela Vergagni and Diego Cores, parents of 2 curious children who love to walk, felt that a new restaurant/cafe concept was missing in the city. A place where both adults and children could enjoy, relax and have fun at the same time, feeling included. The challenge was to ensure that all these desires could coexist together and in harmony. I imagined it as a welcoming, fun place with an atmosphere that transmitted joy and calm, but that was playful and at the same time elegant and comfortable.”

Modern play space Fiii Fun House cafe

“Fiii Fun House is a Café, Restaurant, play area for babies and children and a party room in which both children and adults feel integrated. We gave great importance to the design of each element of the furniture, to the choice of each toy to materialize a unique space. A place where parents could be comfortable, relax (while their children are cared for and entertained) and enjoy design, while their children enjoy more traditional and group games that stimulate their imagination and sociability (away from technology). and individualities that mark the current trend).”