It’s not just old codgers who are tired of seeing everyone focused on their phones and laptops. Practically everyone is wondering what happened to engaging one’s hands with tasks free of keyboards. Lucky for us all, these whimsical DIY kits inspire imagination among people of all ages, opening up doors to new brain-tickling thoughts and promoting the waning pastime of plain old fun.

Italian Cheesemaking Kit

Bravo! This kit includes everything you need to make 10 tasty batches of your favorite Italian cheeses, including mozzarella, whole milk ricotta, bocconcini, burrata, mascarpone, and ricotta salata. The kit’s inclusion of all-natural ingredients and all the necessary equipment guarantees mouthwatering cheese in just a few short hours.

Walking Talking Dino Kit

No dinosaur is more beloved — or stars in more films — than the ferocious Tyrannosaurus rex, and dinosaur aficionados will delight in the thought of building one of their very own. No glue, no tools, and certainly none of that pesky DNA is required here, because this prehistoric warrior’s wooden pieces easily snap together. When the job is complete, you can watch your T. rex walk around and listen to it roar via sound activation technology.

Natural Henna Temporary Tattoo Freestyle Kit

For many people, the worst thing about tattoos is their “forever” aspect. By contrast, henna tattoos only last for seven to 10 days. Comprised of three simple stencils, premeasured henna powder, and a professional-grade applicator and tip, this kit allows you to craft between 20 and 30 different designs. What better way to try out some tats without the commitment?

Flashing Bike Light Kit

Light travels faster than anything in the cosmos, but people might rethink that claim when they see a bike decked out with lights that make you look like you’re flying with every pedal revolution. Thank wireless electricity for the phenomenon and delight your favorite biker with this amazing DIY kit, which is easy enough for anyone ages six and up to put together.

Balance & Tranquility Grow Kit

Few can dispute that we’re in the midst of trying times. This garden kit grows only plants that inspire peace and harmony, which is perfect for those of us that might need to calm down in the midst of such a dense global climate. It includes a recycled egg carton for starting seedlings, wooden plant stakes, and six types of heirloom seeds including soothing chamomile, stress-relieving basil, relaxing lavender, stimulating peppermint, comforting wild bergamot, and razor-sharp sage. Recipes for oil infusions, teas, and a DIY smudge stick are also included in the kit.

Build Your Own Marble Coaster

Physics and engineering have never been more fun than here, where they’re working together to make a marble coaster with as many turns, dips, and amazing moves as a full-sized amusement park ride. Easily assembled with a set of artfully-crafted instructions, laser-cut Baltic birch wood, and a little white household glue, this coaster is perfect for anyone ages nine and up. Hand-crank it to send four marbles on a kinetic energy-powered ride unlike any other!

Margarita Carry-On Cocktail Kit

Sometimes nothing tastes better than a freshly made margarita, like when you’re soaring above the clouds in a big jetliner. All you need is a mini bottle or two of your favorite tequila, and the kit takes care of the rest: margarita mix, a stainless steel bar spoon, a half-ounce steel jigger, sea salt for the rim of your glass, and, for a touch of class, a linen coaster. Flights don’t get much better than this.