small apartment

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This quirky design fits a surprising number of levels and hidden compartments into an ultra-small space, creating a system of storage and sleeping areas that help offset the necessary additions to support each floor.

small convertible space

Beriot Bernardini Arquitectos (images by Yen Chen) made the main floor a large open living room with a smaller kitchen counter area tucked toward the door and the bathroom behind it. White, white and more white keep the visual palette simple, open and bright.

small exploded axon

Above, a lofted sleeping area is not tall enough to stand in but suitable for sitting or sleeping, taking advantage of the not-quite-double-height space.

small apartment hidden storage

In between, an interstitial area provides closet and other storage space with standing room only – but nothing else is really needed there so it all seems to work. The total result is a nice variety of spatial experiences, making one feel less stuck in the necessarily-low square footage provided.