circular wood fruit bowl
Circular forms are a clear choice for storing the rounded forms of fruits – but these creative modern design ideas are anything but obvious. For starters, when someone asks you to pass them this vertical wooden fruit ‘bowl’ just give it a nudge and send it rolling their way – just don’t slip while sliding them the bananas! Imagine it making its way down an extra long hall-style dining table.
Circular curved metal fruit bowls
Another unexpected fruit bowl design is this nifty set of wood, metal and black-painted plastic half-bowls, also by Helena Schepens , a designer and artist from The Netherlands. While it may not have quite the same moves as the wheel-shaped bowl, it’s still quite dynamic. From tiny grapes to sizable pears and apples, each piece of fruit added to or subtracted from the mix changes the angle of the centerpiece, leading it to lean from one side to the other.
It’s so simple, yet it makes such a big impact. The design draws in the user and turns the vessel into an active part of the composition, requiring you to interact with it in a whole new way. You might just find yourself playing games with the balancing act, testing out how different kinds of fruits and fillers affect the way the bowl leans and moves.
circular modern fruit bowls

To round out this list, pun intended, other designers have developed turn-style systems allowing you to rotate your fruit into place and pop it out of the mix (like the metal one shown on top or the white wall-hanging repositories at the bottom).
Still other designer fruit centerpieces use seemingly endless spirals and bottomless bowls to play on ideas of infinity and negative space – quite a lot of aesthetic thought put into such a simple decorative home object.
The creative circular fruit bowl designs shown here were created by by Janne Kyttanen, DESU and FOC.