strip tiles

Nearly every type of manufacturing process produces waste, and that pre-consumer waste is not always recyclable. Lincoln, Nebraska based company Slate-ish has developed a way to recycle paper-laminate waste from countertop production into a beautiful line of tiles.

accent wall and fireplace

bathtub and accent wall

As the company’s name implies, the finished tiles do in fact look like slate. However, due to the materials that make up the tiles, they are very lightweight.

paralellogram tiles

triangle tiles

The light weight of the tiles allow them to be installed easily on walls, backsplashes, around fireplaces, and anywhere else you want to create a unique and eco-friendly look. Even ceilings can support Slate-ish tiles.

honeycomb tiles

fireplace surround

Slate-ish makes several shapes and colors, giving homeowners a choice in the look they want to create. Each tile is cut into shape and then hand-split to create a natural stone look.

square tiles


Like many great ideas, Slate-ish started with an accident. A piece of countertop material fell to the floor, giving the worker the idea to cut and chisel the material. From there, the company developed Slate-ish into a stylish material that would be at home in any setting.