From their origins in a garage in East London, Buster + Punch have gone from bloke to bespoke. They are now as likely to aspire to the giddy creation of high-end chandeliers as they are to continue custom-building boneshaker chopper motorbikes:

“It all started in a garage in East London where we discovered a passion for making the things we love. From lighting and hardware to custom motorcycles and whisky bars, we now make unexpected and elegant interior products for those who want to live with conviction,” according to the Buster + Punch website.

Anyone familiar with the hands-on, down-and-dirty, though delectable, methods of Buster + Punch in the production of desirable, custom-made motorbikes would be forgiven for wanting a piece of the action. Teaming up with Birmingham, UK-based Boneshaker Choppers, they take a bike base and finish it off beautifully.

Buster + Punch

“If you think you are Rockstar enough to own a Boneshaker Choppers VS Buster + Punch custom motorcycle then drop us a line. The process will start from choosing a base bike to work from and then working alongside Boneshaker Choppers to build the guts and Buster + Punch to finish the beast. Each Bike is a true one-off and comes complete with a custom Buster + Punch light in the same finishes,” according to the Buster + Punch website.

Buster + Punch Hooked Chandalier

Buster + Punch’s Hooked chandelier

Buster + Punch Hooked Hero kitchen

Buster + Punch’s Hero chandelier

Buster + Punch Hooked

Buster + Punch’s Hooked chandelier, wall-mounted

If you fancy a piece of the action without hitting the road, and you have anything from around £200 for a single ‘Hooked’ lightbulb light combo to upwards of 2k sterling for a chandelier to dress up your interior space, then why not consider the purchase of gorgeous — and edgy — Buster + Punch lights. From Hero to Hooked, from the shape of the bulb and the filament to the choice of metals, this is all about lighting as statement, and this time the statement is definitely cool.

Buster + Punch Rockstar Bar

Buster + Punch’s Rockstar cocktail and whisky bar

Buster + Punch Wingback-Remix Dark

Buster + Punch’s Winged Remix armchair

Launched in 2013 by London architect and industrial designer Massimo Buster Minale, the Buster + Punch label has a distinct flavor of beautifully crafted hardware mixed together with true grit. From the quirky, distinctive ‘Rockstar’ cocktail bar complete with custom Buster + Punch light to the ‘Wingback Remix’ armchair kitted out with ‘The Hook’ swinging light, he has found a way to combine the sublime with the ever-so-slightly ridiculous. And it works, big time.

The brand may have its roots in hands-on invention, but Minale always had his eye on the bigger picture. In September 2016, they launched their signature ‘Hooked’ lighting into John Lewis stores in the UK:

Buster + Punch Hooked stone color

It has always been a goal for us to make our solid metal products accessible to everyone, which is why this collaboration with John Lewis is so special for us. It is the first time we have worked with solid copper paired with our new stone finish, making for an exciting combination of colours which is as hot as it gets at the moment!” says Massimo Buster Minale, Designer & founder of Buster + Punch.