Ordinary and perhaps even a little boring when fully closed, this cabinet hides a secret that’s like a streak of madness in an otherwise prim and proper person. Just start tugging at one of the beams that make up the front and back facades, and you’ll start a process of controlled destruction that completely obliterates the cabinet’s original form.

Made of maple, glass and stainless steel, ‘Explosion’ is a showcase of cabinetry expertise, demonstrating just how far the traditional woodworking technique of dovetailing can go (literally.) One piece of wood slides against the next, so that they can all be moved individually to either side, up to their full length.

Pull it completely apart until it seems as if the wood can’t support its own weight anymore, or stop somewhere in the process of the ‘explosion’ for a totally custom and highly unusual shape.

Of course, a piece this complex also required some new techniques that had to be refined by artist Sebastian Errazuriz over the course of a year. ‘Explosion’ will be on display at the artist’s solo show, ‘Look Again,’ at the Carnegie Museum of Art beginning September 6th, 2014.