Jongha Choi's 2D to 3D furniture

De-Dimension is the name given to designer Jongha Choi’s ‘From 2D to 3D’ furniture collection.  He unveiled his quirky new spin on ‘flatpack’ furniture after he graduated with a master’s degree from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 2016, though ‘flatpack’ is not quite how he describes it himself.  He introduces his ‘art as furniture’ concept thus:

“In our current situation, in which modern society experiences the image, in relation to advertising, image circulation and the internet, why do we not question an images’ confinement to a flat surface. Why don’t we try to get more stereoscopic and attempt for direct experience with the image itself?”

So is it a bench, is it a stool – or is it a work of art, actually hanging on a wall? Well this time it’s both. Jongha Choi’s work is conceptual as well as actual – just admire the picture, then take it down, click it into place, sit down on it. Hey presto! In an engaging act of metamorphosis, your wall art becomes functional – though it could be tricky if you want to sit down and look at your artworks at the same time. Maybe just take one stool down then? If you have company – take it in turns to sit on it and look back at whatever remains hanging.

3D Furniture as 2D Wall Art - Jongha Choi

From functional furniture to a flat image – the bench and stools  attach to the wall. Jongha Choi explains his inspiration for De-dimension:

“The history of the image has always aligned with the history of the human race. In our vast history, it has been understood and depicted in various forms. Nowadays, owing to scientific technology, it is developing in its form, from photography, film and even further towards virtual reality. Even the advent of 3D printing skills shake our fundamental notion of the image.”

They may look lightweight and flimsy (after all, you just took them off the wall!) – but here Jongha Cho demonstrates they’re perfectly practical, ergonomic and well, basically furniture!  Though this time with a twist – or at least with a deft hand movement to flatten them back into a purely aesthetic 2D artform.

De-dimension stools - Jongh Choi

In black and white, yellow and mint green, the furniture is sturdy, pleasing to look at and determinedly functional – form follows content in a set of stools and benches that look simple, unpretentious and very much what they are. However – just manipulate them, flatten them – and they are 2D geometric forms,  for displaying on a wall. Storage never got easier! When people call round for tea, you need never be short of seating again – though the empty space on the wall may be a little irksome, well at least until they’ve gone.

2D to 3D stool - Jongh Choi

Here Jongha Choi folds back the stool after sitting on it. There’s something intriguing and elegant about the way the 3D object flattens back and becomes 2D. It’s lightweight enough to hang up and becomes flat enough to nestle against the planes of the wall, just like a picture in fact.

Prototype De-Dimension stool

De-Dimension stool prototype

In classic ‘before and after’ poses, here are the artist’s prototype stools. Furniture can be beautiful, it can be brutally functional – here Jongha Choi plays around with the idea of ‘furniture as art’ – then gives it a literal interpretation.

All images courtesy of Jongha Choi