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Like so many everyday household objects, we get used to one form and its function and sometimes forget that, no matter how long the current one has lasted (or how many people have tried to improve it) there may yet be a better version yet to come.

And so it is with this modest juice-generating masterpiece – just Google ‘juicer’ to see the rich complexity of options out there. For someone who just wants to manually squeeze, say, a lemon or two, or a few oranges here or there, most of these devices do way more than needed.

Even the more elemental ones are tricky to clean, generally featuring particle-filtering pores. Sure, some people want to skip the pulp, but for those of us who revel in the texture, the lack of waste, and hate to scrub at extra dishes, this alternative design by Thibaut Rouganne is for you.

While you don’t have to be as enamored with the look as this author is, it is hard not to appreciate the abstract ‘peeled fruit’ look of the piece, or the minimalist use of only one sheet of bent and folded material … and the universal four-sided, tilt-to-pour simplicity of juice deployment it entails. Sweet and simple, but with a flavorful touch of complexity.