plywerk quality plywood panels

It was not until the beautiful Portland photograph mounted on a lovely handmade bamboo plywood panel arrived in the mail that I fully appreciated just how awesome these panels by Plywerk really are. After discussing the matter with them we agreed that a giveaway was a must, so here is your chance to get your own 8 x 12 photo mounted on Plywerk. To enter all it takes is mentioning and linking to this contest on your own website or social profile. That’s it. Oh, yes, and we have not one, but two to give away.

plywerk photo mounting board

Picture frames can be a headache and there is simply something impersonal (not to mention expensive) about covering a photograph or work of art with glass and cropping it with a fram. For displaying your most brilliant works, however, mounting on Plywerk is a great way to make a statement as well as save time and money.

plywerk plywood canvas boards

Personally, my favorite part is the edging – there is a warmly variegated pattern of wood end-grain that shows from each of the horizontal slats that make up the core of the panel. These add critical visual interest at the most visible part of a piece on the wall: the sides. Best of all, they come in all different shapes, sizes and finishes and you can buy them blank to apply your own art or send them a photo file to do it for you.

plywerk photo mounted plywood

So, how does this giveaway work again? All you have to do is mention Plywerk somewhere visible to the public and link back to this page – you can post an update on your Facebook wall, send a short message out on Twitter, write an article on your blog or website or even take a Photoshopped image of yourself dreamily hugging a Plywerk panel and upload it to Flickr. We will randomly select two winners from the participants. And what, exactly, do you get? You will receive your very own high-quality sustainable bamboo Plywerk panel plain or pre-mounted with an image of your choice. Thanks for participating and thanks again to Plywerk for working with us on a collaborative effort to help bring beautiful design objects right to the doors of Dornob readers.